North Carolina is under a state-mandated "stay at home" order until May 8th. Schools are closed. Many businesses have been shut down or greatly curtailed. Millions of workers have been impacted. The most precarious in our communities are facing an uncertain future: evictions, utility shut-offs, missed payments, and other economic catastrophes. That's why Mutual Aid Carrboro has partnered with NC Piedmont Democratic Socialists of America to create the COVID-19 Mutual Aid Relief Fund. Money given to this fund will be used to support workers facing serious financial disruption from the pandemic and the related economic upheaval.

Please use this link to donate:

Due to high demand, we are pausing requests for aid at this time. We will resume accepting requests once existing requests have been fulfilled. We are committed to helping everyone we can, so please check this link again in 48 hours.

Other Mutual Aid COVID-19 Initiatives